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Using analog tape machines and a keen sense of empathy, the London-based studio whiz has helped Björk, Bon Iver, Depeche Mode, and others zero in on the sounds—and feelings—they’re searching for. Her own new album exposes her emotional core.

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Over more than a decade in the industry, Marta Salogni has become one of the most respected music producers in the game having worked with a huge and varied selection of artists including Björk, Depeche Mode, MIA, Romy, Dream Wife and many many more. With the number of female producers (only 5% of the industry worldwide) still staggeringly low, Marta’s tenacity and refusal to see these stats as an obstacle has seen her thrive; now, she’s dedicated to bringing up other women and non-binary talents and opening the door for more to follow in her footsteps. “Representation is so important, and I really believe that more diversity will enrich the music landscape as a whole,” she tells us.


Recorded shortly before his untimely death in 2020, Tom Relleen collaborates with Italian producer Marta Salogni on an album with an uncanny sense of place. In Music For Open Spaces, Marta Salogni and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen explore different geographical spaces through heavily improvised ambient pieces. Created just before Relleen’s death from cancer in 2020, the album was recorded between London, the Joshua Tree desert and the Cornish coast: setting out to express these environments through a palette of tape machines, synthesisers and bass guitar.

A pure obsession with sound drove a young woman from her rural Italian home to the UK and into London’s recording studios. A relentless drive to learn how everything in audio works then set her on the path to sessions with Depeche Mode, Björk, Animal Collective, Circuit des Yeux, Holly Herndon [Tape Op #132], Goldfrapp, and black midi. Recently, the MPG (Music Producers Guild) awarded her UK Music Producer of the Year, among other previous honors, and her work has been nominated for Grammy Awards. I dropped her a line at her Studio Zona, and Marta’s enthusiasm and dedication to the art of recording audio was enlightening.


Hailing from Italy, Marta Salogni’s relocation to London – in pursuit of the very best artists and studios in which to work – was driven by a lifelong love of sound. With widespread industry recognition for her engineering, producing and mixing, Salogni’s multifaceted endeavours have resulted in her working with some of the most compelling artists on the planet. From Bon Iver to Animal Collective, David Byrne to Björk and most recently, Black Midi – one of the UK’s most breathtaking new bands.

Following an exciting ceremony at The Tower Hill Hotel in London, The Music Producers Guild has now announced the complete list of winners for the 2022 awards. Now in its 14th year, the annual event has become a benchmark for recognising early talent in the industry, who later go on to lead it.

’The Hub’ interview 

We take a look inside 2018 MPG Breakthrough Engineer of the Year Marta Salogni's new hybrid studio setup in the heart of London to find out more about her love of tape machines and how she uses them as instruments to compose original material.

DeepWaves - Issue 009: Marta Salogni

An interview with Marta Salogni, taken from the ninth issue of DeepWaves.

MPW Podcast EP 4 // How to use reverb \\ Marta Salogni

Let's reverberate! In this episode of the MPW podcast Xylo Aria chats to guest MPG Award winning guest, Marta Salogni (credits include Bjork, Frank Ocean, The XX) about reverb and how to use it is.

PSNEurope spoke to award-winning engineer Marta Salogni about her amazing career to date, which has recently seen her receive the 2018 Breakthrough Engineer of the Year title at this year's MPG Awards. She told us about freelancing in a fickle business, her beginnings working in live sound in small venues in Italy and flying to Iceland to mix for Bjork on her latest album Utopia.


Marta Salogni, who won Breakthrough Producer Of The Year for her work with The Orielles, Georgia Ruth, Hero Fisher, Two Monkeys and Yak.

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